Therapy Solution

Society places enormous value on physical appearance so it is considered socially unacceptable for women to suffer from hair loss. Many conditions can be tied directly to hair loss for women, including genetics, poor nutrition, stress, lifestyle, hormone imbalance, medication, surgery side effects or illness. Many women who have a hair loss problem suffer emotional stress from the trauma associated with the change in appearance. Women below the age of 50 report that they suffer from a “severe emotional blow,” as they face the reality of hair loss. Studies report that most women will avoid addressing hair loss because they feel scared, embarrassed and especially unattractive.

This program is a scientific, non-surgical approach that is used to treat hair loss, thinning hair, baldness and scalp problems. Low level laser therapy is an effective and proven technique that has been medically tested. Use of “soft” laser light will effectively treat hair loss and encourage healthy hair to grow on the scalp.

Since many women avoid dealing with their hair loss problem, they are relieved to find that their visit to a Laser Therapy Solutions is confidential. During the initial consultation, our consultant provides support, privacy and a warm and friendly environment. This initial visit helps each person to feel more comfortable with the program. Many women will achieve great results for their hair loss in their hair restoration program because the laser treatments are combined with nutritional supplements and accessory products. All of these treatments are free from side effects and are able to provide more hair volume, restore health to hair follicles and strengthen the existing strands of hair.

Laser Therapy Solutions has achieved a 97 percent success rate for women of all ages. Our natural hair rejuvenation programs are affordable and provide real results. For more than 30 years, we have been helping people to address their hair loss problems.

Laser Therapy Solutions offers a money-back guarantee because we are completely confident that our clients will achieve exceptional results on our personal hair restoration programs. Our clients write testimonials that share their success stories on our programs. When Laser Therapy Solutions clients experience a change in their appearance, other people want to know how they found the solution to their hair loss. Many of our clients are friends with former clients who also shared their stories.